Panamanian Pride

The new Craft Center in Amador, strategically located in a natural environment near the heavily-visited Figali Convention Center and just past the Diablico restaurant, opens its doors to visitors.

Many visitors don't know what to expect of Panama, perhaps anticipating a small, undeveloped capital city. But upon arrival in Panama City and discovering all its architectural wonders, everyone ends up pleasantly surprised and marvels at the towering skyscrapers and ultramodern environment.

Who would think that you could find a hidden escape only a few minutes away from a city that has turned into a mecca for conventions.

Being able to reach the beach in less than half an hour from the city is a luxury few can claim, but in Panama these types of dreams can come true. Whether you are on a business trip or just passing through for a few nights, a short drive will whisk you out of the city and onto the aptly-named Playa Bonita, or "beautiful beach", where hotels like Westin Playa Bonita will provide an unmatched ambience of beach-side bliss and relaxation. 

In a world where preparation is of little value without the necessary opportunities, the Marriott Hotel has become not only a tourist center, but also a business center. We believe that being in the right place and having a good contact at the appropriate time can change the fate of your business.

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