The archaeological site of El Caño, in Coclé, continues to capture the interest of international mass media. It made the cover of National Geographic magazine in January 2012, and now the Spanish moviemaker Wanda Films is preparing material on the discoveries made at the site.

Inauguration of the Río Hato airport, situated 90 kilometers from Panama City, will take place on November 13th.

Air France will begin flights to Panama with over 80% passenger load factor, and this occupancy rate is expected to continue for the next three months of operation.

Panama is the product of its colonial heritage, which it has molded to fit the image of the needs of the global system. Contrary to common belief, this did not begin with the neoliberal globalization of the 1980s, but upon the European discovery and conquest of the Americas. Thus, the isthmus is assumed to have always served as a trans-oceanic enclave, and the resulting Panamanian social and economic structure and concept of its position in the world is evident in such institutional slogans as "Pro mundi beneficio" and the more popular "Panama, crossroads of the world, heart of the universe".

Progress has been made in the projections made since 2008, when the country received 1,575,051 visitors. By 2012 that number had increased to 2,200,000, resulting in global revenue in the last several years of $2,120,000 million for the tourism sector. This can be broken down into 58.2% in daily visitor spending and 48.3% in lodging.