Besides being a place to do exercise and drop a few extra pounds, go for a stroll or see who is available to pick up, the Coastal Strip now also offers tourist info in the latest tech medium.

The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) authorized a direct contract for $1.3 million with the Argentinean company Conde Marketing SRL to “promote tourism in Panama.”

Signed by ATP deputy director Ernesto Orillac, the technical report states that the contract will be effective from January 1 to December 31, 2013, and its function is “to advertise Panama internationally, by broadcasting boxing fights scheduled to take place in Argentina.”

Plan in progress. The first phase of "Project for the Archaeological and Scenic Recovery of the Convent of Santo Domingo Cloister in the Historical Monument Sector of Old Panama" is nearly completed. This monument was erected in 1519. Thus far they have conducted a historical investigation and geophysical survey and are presently at work on an on-site archaeological excavation program.
Sarigua National Park is not a desert anymore, thanks to a natural recovery program being developed on its 8,000 hectares of land, located in Parita, Herrera Province.
Around 450 million balboas are expected to be invested in hotels across the country in 2013, surpassing the 433 million spent on this sector of tourism in 2012, according to estimates by the Panama Tourism Authority.