Red devils, retired-from-service Blue Bird school buses, are better known for ripping up Panama's streets, packed to the gills with hot and sticky passengers who pay a quarter for a hell-raising public transportation ride. Héctor Guzmán's red devil gently putters through the Sixaola River in search of manatees. Packed with a dual-frequency side-scan sonar and hydrophone arrays, food and tents, the modified-for-water bus is the research vessel for the STRI marine biologist's latest project made available from locals.
Maps depicting the activities and services offered at 15 agritourism farms accredited by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) and the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) were handed out by Planning Director Yadira González on behalf of the ATP in their office in Farallón.

Three years ago around 10,000 passengers circulated daily in the halls of the Tocumen International Airport, while today there are more than 19,000 passengers.

This increase is due mainly to the grand transformation in both infrastructure and administration that the airport has undergone, which were done to provide better conditions for passengers, airlines and concessionaires.

With the start of the civil work project to expand the Panama Canal, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) also undertook a project to preserve the country's cultural resources. Archaeologists and construction workers alike have found porcelain plates, bottles, cannonballs, wagon axles, buttons and even a rifle.

The 9th Latin American Business Meeting will take place in Panama from October 17 to 18, as part of the XXIII Latin American Summit of Heads of State and Government, reported an official source.