Under the auspices of the Panama Golf Group, the Panama Medal Tour 2013 will begin on Saturday, March 23 with numerous incentives and prizes lined up for its participants.

One of the perfect places to escape from the city and feel like you enter a paradise of beaches and unique landscapes, where visitors and even locals are amazed by the area's ecological benefits, is the tourist site of Torio, located in the district of Mariato, in the southern area of Veraguas province.

Participation in the World Travel Market is part of the country's promotional strategy for South American countries.

Si el español Vasco Núñez de Balboa viviera, estaría complacido de saber que, 500 años luego de haber avistado el Mar del Sur, un grupo de expedicionarios se dio a la tarea de emular la ruta que tomó en Darién para hacer dicha travesía.

On Sunday March 17,  a grand parade drew to a close the 67th National Sugarcane Festival in Pesé, in the province of Herrera.