What better time than this period of solemn penance to go on a religious tour of the region's most important churches.

For Catholics, Holy Week is a time for reflection; for tourists, it is the ideal moment to visit colonial churches, observe golden altars and learn a little more of the history behind the Spanish conquest.

Today the General Manager of the Panama Tourism Authority, Salomón Shamah, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Frank de Lima, will be meeting to conduct an inspection of the improvements to be made to the Atlapa Convention Center.
Ranked as one of the most recommended tourist destinations in the world, Panama continues to pave its way onwards by putting on large events for the tourism industry.

El buque escuela de la Armada Española Juan Sebastián Elcano partió ayer de las Islas Canarias rumbo a Puerto Rico, en su nuevo crucero de instrucción y participará en diversos actos en Latinoamérica.

On March 15, more than 150 exhibitors will arrive in the district of Tolé to participate in the 8th San José de Tolé Fair. The organizing committee indicated that the region receives an economic injection of some $250,000 dollars during the five days of the fair.