The raising of the flag of the Carnival of the City, "Discovery 2013", at Mi Pueblito, on Wednesday night, January 30th, served to set the framework for the re-launching of this important tourist center located on the slopes of Ancón Hill in the capital city.

Antes de que finalice 2013 Panamá contará con dos nuevos aeropuertos internacionales. La constructora costarricense Meco –que se adjudicó los contratos para ampliar los aeropuertos de Colón y Río Hato– tiene previsto terminar ambas construcciones para finales de septiembre próximo.

This week 15 Panamanian companies are promoting their national destinations at FITUR, one of the most important fairs in the international tourism sector, which is held in Madrid, Spain.

The opening of the Biodiversity Biomuseum and the celebratory acts of the V Centenary of the Discovery of the Pacific Ocean are some of the country's attractions being advertised at FITUR.

The Central American Court of Justice (CCJ) will hold its session today in Panama for the first time, as part of the Central American Forum of Community Law and International Private Law. The two-day meeting brings together the chief justices of the supreme courts of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras, as well as regional representatives and delegates.