The Parade of a Thousand Polleras was held for the third time in Las Tablas on Saturday, January 12. Reports show that all of the hotels in the region were filled with tourists who were attracted by a show full of Panamanian music and magic.
Two international cargo airlines are interested in using the new facilities at the Enrique Malek International Airport, whose runway and renovations were built at a cost of $27.4 million, once it is inaugurated this January 19.
Six major movie productions are planned to be filmed in Panama in 2013.
Jazz unites cultures. This has been demonstrated over the course of the past nine Panama Jazz Festivals, which bring together the finest representatives of the genre that every day gains thousands more fans. Yesterday, the Panamanian pianist Danilo Pérez said at a press conference that this activity has become a pan-american cultural project, and that after ten years of work, everyone who has been involved in the organization feels proud.
More than 40 devotees of the Christ of Esquipulas, known as esquipulistas, and their families arrived at the Ciruelito chapel in Antón. They carried statuettes of the saint for the procession that will start today, once announced by the sound of beating drums.