Nearly 100 units of the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC) will keep watch on the beaches in Chiriquí during the dry season, a measure intended to prevent drowning victims.

On January 9, the University of Panama (UP) held a ceremony to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Martyrs' Day in 1964, when 21 citizens lost their lives for trying to place the Panamanian flag in Zonian territory of the Canal.

The Tanara Fair in Chepo, a showcase for livestock in the eastern region of the province of Panama, marks the beginning of fair season in the country.
Some 125,000 foreigners and nationals are expected to attend the upcoming event in the district of Boquete, where the National Police and the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC) will provide security during the 10 days of the fair.

The second Sea Festival, the first beach event held in Panama in the new year of 2013, now has its queen. Shariska Vissuette, a gorgeous Taboga resident, has been elected to preside over the festival activities on January 26 and 27, on the 'Island of Flowers.'