Olá is reflected in its green landscapes and the crystal clear water of its jets that echo through its mountains, inviting travelers to see its fresh waters.

This destination is full of mountains that invite you to climb them to glimpse their beautiful horizons. From Cerro “El Peñón” you will see views of the mountains of Veraguas, the town of Coronado and the picturesque community of Olá.


How to get?

Panama City – Olá, Coclé (192 km)

Panamá – Penonomé – Olá


What to do?

  1. Chorro de Olá
  2. Cerro Los Picachos
  3. Cerro El Peñon
  4. San Roquito River
  5. The Lookout

Best Season

All year.

Tourist facilities

Useful information