Cinta Costera, Panama City

From Cinta Costera you will be able to see an impressive view of Panama City. You can also enjoy the boats that line up to enter the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean while enjoying the green areas, recreational parks and public spaces ideal for walking or exercising. Also, you can not miss the iconic seafood market to taste the local cuisine.

How to get?

To visit Cinta Costera, you can do it walking from most Panama City Hotels , just activate the GPS and follow the route, if you prefer you can take a yellow taxi or use the system Metro Bus (routes that take you to the coastal belt, Avenida Balboa)


Panama City Climate

What to do?

  • Enjoy green areas
  • Practice basketball, soccer or gymnastics
  • Walking, jogging, skating or biking
  • Taste the gastronomy of seafood marketing
  • Enjoy the view of the viewpoint of the Pacific, on one side imposing skyscrapers and the other the Old Town
  • Take pictures at the Parador in Panama

Best Season

All year round!

The best time to visit the coastal belt is in the day until 7:30 pm, when we have a lot of movement and activities. During the night it can be a little lonely and some areas are not very recommended, so it is better not to risk.

Tourist facilities

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